2010 Review; 2011 Goals!

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

I stopped blogging for a long while but since we are just starting a new year now might be a good time to try to start blogging again.

2010 didn't go as well as i had hoped. I've settled into my new place now which is about a 30second walk from everything i could need/places i go (bars/club/sushi/chinese). The problem with this over my last place is that i seem to have a lot more things to do/people to meet and get far less free time to play. Last year i managed in total a little over 800hours of play, 15hours a week!! some of my friends work >50hours a week!! I know poker for a living is supposed to give you that free time but it makes me feel so lazy!

+$15,000~ fpp/bonus'
Total: $31,000~

So anyway here is my year. Was pretty upset about the last few months of the year, the swings mainly came from shot-taking at 200nl+ rather than just trying to grind out 50nl/100nl as i had the rest of the year.

2011 Goals
For 2011 i have set myself a goal of playing a lot more volume/hours than last year. My goal for now is 1500hours/1.5million hands but it will no doubt change throughout the year. Doing this would get me to about the 400k vpp milestone which would earn me $32,000 from fpp/bonus' alone not counting what i would win at the tables.

Goals for January:
[ ] 125,000 hands
[ ] +$6,000 profit /w rakeback
[ ] try to average 16 tables

6-max and real life!

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

After a pretty bad start to the month i got pretty annoyed at my play at full ring. My play was far from consistent and it seemed like if i wasn't playing my best game i couldn't seem to win. I chatted a little to my house mate who has played both FR and 6max (probably more hands than me of both), he had just come off a huge downswing where he had crippled his roll playing 5/10 HU and PLO so had to move down to 100nl and grind. He recommended playing a really tight style at 6max, saying it was easy money because most players at that level are idiots!

For the past 2 weeks iv have only played 6-max and i have to say i am finding it really easy compared to full ring. The average 6-max player seems to be about 10 times as dumb as at full ring and even the big winners are probably on the same thinking level as the breakeven rakeback pro's of fullring. It took me a while and a bit of money to find out that people don't fold flopped pairs to 3 barrels but once i worked that out i stopped spewing money by bluffing and focused on value and it became easy!

Now you might also notice i have only played 22,000 hands in the last 2 weeks. This is mostly down to partying a lot. Last week we had a few nights out in a row and the last night my friend had to go back to uni in Blackpool (a few hours drive away) telling us about a party there that night. We decided to head off and got to the party around midnight, it wasn't great but we had a really fun time after round my friends house.

The other day i also went for a viewing on a 1 bedroom apartment in town i had been interested in, it looked really nice, exactly the type of place i was looking for. I ended up signing the contract, still have some more papers to fill in but should be able to move in in around a month, cant wait!

I also bought the canvas above off my housemate who has a display on at one of the bars in town this week.

That's about all. My next post should be my review of The Poker Blueprint but i haven't quite finished reading it yet!

The Poker Blueprint

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Tri Nguyen recently got in contact with me asking if I would like to do an impartial review of his latest book 'The Poker Blueprint'.

"The Poker Blueprint provides the infrastructure for micro- and small-stakes players to build their game on. It also offer advanced strategies that are vital to crushing today's online short-handed games up to 100NL."

I am looking forward to reading this book as I feel many of the things that I do, I do because I know that in the long run they are profitable, I don't, however know the exact reason I am making these moves. Perhaps this book will help me out in understanding why I am doing a lot of things.

Febuary Results, March Goals

Monday, 1 March 2010

Goals for Febuary:
[x] 100,000 hands
[ ] +$5,000 profit /w rakeback
[?] win team prop
[x] work on raising my winrate over volume

= $4,400~

Started off the month really well over the first 2 weeks not playing many tables and consentrating on my game alot more than usual. Ran hot at 200nl early on but then proceded to lose all my profits and in the end dumped off $1k~ at 200nl :/

I feel my game has improved, which is good though, just no more 200nl swings!

Goals for Febuary:
[ ] 120,000 hands
[ ] +$5,000 profit /w rakeback
[ ] play only 100nl/pl and 50nl.

Running good

Friday, 12 February 2010

Im not far off having my best month yet at cash games and its not even 1/2 way through yet!

Im currently entered into a Febuary Team Prop Bet which consists of 32 people drafted into 4 teams. The team that wins the bet at the end of the month is the one with the highest average winrate. My team consists of;

Team ****itIcall
Vanguard (Captain)
Tony Skaloni (6 max)
Ach Ja
Luka Allen

A pretty strong team, i think we have a good chance of winning this! Im obviously looking to win the individual best winrate prop (the prop is $100+10, ($10 for side prop for best w/r)).

Im pretty sure highest w/r will be scooped up by someone playing alot lower where really high winrates are possable, i don't think the difference in the 3.9x and 5.6x multiplier is really enough. Someone running at 5.8ptbb/100 at 25nl would beat me if i booked 4.0ptbb/100 at 100nl.

January Results, Feb Goals

Monday, 1 February 2010

Goals for January:
[ ] 120,000 hands
[ ] +$6,000 profit /w rakeback
[x] win at 200nl!

I got off to a horrid start in january, i lost about 20buyins at 50nl straight away, it was as if i had forgotten how to play. After a few days break i focused a bit more and started playing a bit better. I decided to move upto 200nl to try and get a bit more used to and and it worked out ok. I didn't win at a decent rate but was glad i wasn't losing.

The last couple of days went pretty well and i was able to increase my winrate and make a bit more money from a 100k hands volume prop bet.


Goals for Febuary:

[ ] 100,000 hands
[ ] +$5,000 profit /w rakeback
[ ] win team prop
[ ] work on raising my winrate over volume

PokerStars WBCOOP

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Online Poker

I have registered to play in the WBCOOP PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker! You too can Play Poker Online at PokerStars.com and take part in the WBCOOP which is open to all Bloggers by registering on WBCOOP to play.

Registration code: 712483