2010 Review; 2011 Goals!

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

I stopped blogging for a long while but since we are just starting a new year now might be a good time to try to start blogging again.

2010 didn't go as well as i had hoped. I've settled into my new place now which is about a 30second walk from everything i could need/places i go (bars/club/sushi/chinese). The problem with this over my last place is that i seem to have a lot more things to do/people to meet and get far less free time to play. Last year i managed in total a little over 800hours of play, 15hours a week!! some of my friends work >50hours a week!! I know poker for a living is supposed to give you that free time but it makes me feel so lazy!

+$15,000~ fpp/bonus'
Total: $31,000~

So anyway here is my year. Was pretty upset about the last few months of the year, the swings mainly came from shot-taking at 200nl+ rather than just trying to grind out 50nl/100nl as i had the rest of the year.

2011 Goals
For 2011 i have set myself a goal of playing a lot more volume/hours than last year. My goal for now is 1500hours/1.5million hands but it will no doubt change throughout the year. Doing this would get me to about the 400k vpp milestone which would earn me $32,000 from fpp/bonus' alone not counting what i would win at the tables.

Goals for January:
[ ] 125,000 hands
[ ] +$6,000 profit /w rakeback
[ ] try to average 16 tables