Starting off November

Monday, 3 November 2008

So as i hadn't played poker for a few days (mainly due to hangovers from halloween!) i decided to play a long session to gradually increase my bankroll. It went pretty well overall but only after putting in a ton of hands! After 3400 hands i was down $350 and another thousand hands on from that i had broken even for the day. From there onwards i managed to win 8 buyins and was feeling pretty confident with my game. i decided to take a shot at nl200, at this point my roll was about $4800 so it wasn't too bad of a thing to take a shot, i mixed in 3 tables of nl200 at first with 3 of my best nl100 tables. At first i was steadily going between being up a buyin and even then i took a 3 buyin downswing.

I won a couple of big pots towards the end of the session and so decided to quit while i was ahead, up $1100 for the day having played just under 9k hands (and made another $200 from rakeback :)

Here are a few of the hands i played today:

  • River the nuts Vs a slowplayed top set (view hand)
  • Coolered someone in i think my largest nl100 pot (view hand)
  • 93% on flop... 89% on turn.... AA gets cracked :/ (view hand)
  • Had the 'tilted' image after getting coolered the hand before, i don't know what he was doing though? $650 pot! :O (view hand)
  • Finished the session off with this hand (view hand)

Bankroll: $5000