To the donk tables!

Thursday, 15 February 2007

So i lost a huge chunk of my bankroll again playing limits too high (pushing with the K high flush draw and top pair, missing & losing to aces) and so had to go down to micro to re-build. Gonna be playing REALLY small stakes uptill i get upto a resonable ammount now amd then move up slowly this time.

But when things like this happen i just wish i was back at 5/10 where it wouldnt in a million years.

I guess with 2 people all-in before him he knew his ace was good so had 3 outs, even though he was drawing dead to only a runner runner flush or straight (which he of course caught!) good call with 5% chance to win! Not that im complaining too much, he can do that all day, thats his 5% used up haha

Wait i changed my mind, STOP PLAYING BAD YOU FUCKING LOW LIMIT FISH, i love getting pushed all-in against when im holding KK, contemplating folding then deciding to call and losing to TT making a straight, joy!

Bankroll: $46