Tournament day

Monday, 29 January 2007

So today apart from donking off a bunch of money on cash games i also spent it on tournaments.

I cashed 7th in a $10 with 500people in for about $130ish i think and i have just finished playing the Sunday warmup after getting sucked out on with 99 vs 77 (99 was the best hand i got all game!! uptill then it was 55) I was in the tourney for 3 hours and played 17 hands total, i just never had ANY 1/2 decent cards even to steal with.

Anyway i came 515th out of 1810 in the warmup so i soppose it was an ok result for my first tournament with a decent buy-in.

During this post i made back the $2000 i was down today - phew, took a large pot with a valuebet bluff with 4 spades on the board and made some nice money cracking AA with KK (3 re-raises and i was commited) said in chat i have to call but u got me, flopped a K.

Might decide to play the Sunday million in 45mins but $530 is a huge buy-in so still a bit unsure.

Bankroll: $7540