It's all about JJ

Sunday, 28 January 2007

Playing 2 games of 5/10 on pokerstars and full tilt.

So the full tilt game i start on $500 which is all my money on full tilt, double up after about 40mins after getting a suckout vs a complete fish who pushes all-in with anything.
I get dealt KK and the flop comes 4JT i put in a tiny underbet and of corse he raises about pot, i re-raise him all-in and he calls quickly with top 2 pair, river pairs the 4 and i have the better 2 pair.

Leaked most of that off now and on about $760 on fulltilt.

Star i pick up JJ and raise 4x 2 callers including the SB. Flop is J2A so i put in a small bet hoping some1 has an ace, other person folds and SB raises me up, i reraise a decent ammount and he flat call (2 hearts on the board). Now a non heart king comes on the turn so i pray he has AK and push all in for $650 more into a $400 pot. He thinks and calls showing 22, ouch!

Few hands later i pick up JJ again and call a 4x raise, flop comes 773 (2 clubs) he bets out a recent ammount again and i flat call, turn comes a J, GIN! he bets out a large ammount, im putting him on a big pair here maybe QQ, but also maybe TT or 99. I think for a while and probably make the wrong move and re-raise, he thinks for a while and folds.
If i'd have given him a free card i possably could have made a bit more money maybe if he did have AcKc but then again if a Q rivers and he moves all-in i make a scary call and might lose all my money.

maybe 2 hands later with the same guy i pick up 33 and decide to call his early position 4x raise again, flop 734, he leads out for $70, i make it $160, he comes over the top and makes it $430 so i instantly throw in the 4th raise to $710, he uses up all his time thinking and folds, im guessing AA or KK here but he may have thought he was drawing nearly dead to runner runner.

Bankroll: $6528