Grr suckouts!

Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Well only 1 suckout and he he a low stack so it didnt hurt me as much but still lost a $1k pot :/

He raises 3times to $30, i have KK so make it $90, he pushes all-in for $430 more and i call knowing im in a good position.

Flop brings an ace and i sigh and hope he doesnt have AK, turn is a 6 and river is a 2.
He shows 22!!

So i have a go at him telling him that i re-raise him he should know he's dominated (as i play pretty tight aggressive, only pairs and big aces/kings)

But anyway i still finished with a profit of $500 over the two 5/10's and the single 10/20 i was playing on.

Bankroll: $11,500